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WeGo! Hosts Successful 5-Week Leadership Course for Local Youth

Updated: Dec 31

In collaboration with KEY Project, WeGo! hosted a successful 5-Week Leadership Course for local youth in supporting their creation of businesses and community projects.

Reported by WeGo! Hawaii Newsroom | October 1, 2023

Over the course of the month of September, WeGo! Hawaii leaders held a series of workshops for local youth in conjunction with KEY Project, a local nonprofit organization with the mission of supporting the local community in the Kaneohe area.

WeGo! leaders held a total of 5 workshops in their 5-Week Leadership Series at KEY in which students were guided through the WeGo! Leadership Development curriculum in order to create an initiative or business that addresses an issue of interest within their respective communities.

Prior to the 5-week course, applications were sent in from across the island of Oahu to participate and work with WeGo!. The following is the structure of the course:

Week 1: Discover Your Passion And Interests

Week 2: Identify Your Community And Its Needs

Week 3: Brainstorm Ideas

Week 4: Pitch Writing and Idea Development

Week 5: Celebration and Final Video Presentations

Over the course of the 5 weeks, WeGo! leaders were able to connect with local youth in order to empower the next generation of leaders.

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