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WeGo! Co-Leader Program Allows Girls to Make Strides for the Community

WeGo! launches and pilots their Co-Leader program which allows students the opportunity to come up with ideas, create, host, and execute events.

By Ella Chong '24 | February 12, 2022

At the start of 2021-2022 school year, a new program was introduced in the Punahou chapter of WeGo!, The Co-Leader Program. The program’s goal was to find a group of individuals who wished to contribute at a higher level than just membership. The requirements of a co-leader include managing and creating at least one event and more frequent meetings. The program builds collaborative relationships, allows each co-leader to develop more responsibility, creates more hands-on experiences for working with the community, and fosters creativity.

The program gave 20 students the opportunity to take the reins, identify needs within the community, and create events, workshops, and more to address those needs.

This program has led to even more ideas for how we can help those around us. An example of this would be the beauty drive WeGo! recently held. The drive, which was managed and thought up by a group of co-leaders, collected items like makeup, nail polish, hair brushes, and more hygiene products. This is just the first example, with many minds and ideas, we hope to continue to grow this program to create more events in the future.

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