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WeGo! Holds Second Entrepreneurship Workshop Helping Local Students Start Personal Businesses

WeGo! student leaders visit Ke'elikolani Middle School for the second time to hold an entrepreneurship workshop and help students kickstart their personal businesses!

By Sonya Duval-Arnould | November 4, 2022

WeGo! student leaders held their second entrepreneurship workshop with the Ke'elikolani Middle School's Young Women's Club on October 29, 2022.

The Young Women's Club students are in the progress of submitting submissions to American Savings Bank's KeikiCo Business Contest which allows students to submit their business plans and missions for a chance to win a cash prize and publicity.

More info about the KeikiCo Contest can be found here:

Over the course of the school year beginning from August, founder Kylee Hamamoto and other WeGo! leaders ran weekly workshops and helped the girls through the entire process of starting a business from brainstorming, to business plan writing, and finance planning in order to send in their submission.

In this specific entrepreneurship workshop, the WeGo! leaders helped students finalize their business plan which included expense calculations, projected profit, economic viability, and marketing tactics. On top of that, leaders helped students to develop a script for a video pitch which WeGo! also helped them film. The students were able to have the opportunity to be at the helm of the entire operation and be in the director's seat as they came up with their own vision for their video pitch. Some directed and wrote a script for a skit, and others created stopmotion videos highlighting their products and creating a larger storyline.

Voting opens to the public in November, so be sure to be on the lookout for more details and information from us!

Mahalo to the following WeGo! leaders and members:

Kylee Hamamoto, Emi Uohara, Sonya Duval-Arnould, Taylor DeSa, and Mira Fujii

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