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WeGo! Hosts Business Workshop with Ke`elikolani Middle School Students

WeGo! held a business workshop at Ke`elikolani Middle School where WeGo! leaders taught students about starting a business and went through creating a business plan, crafting a product as well as writing and recording a convincing pitch.

By Calista Yap '24 | May 10, 2022

On Saturday, May 7th, WeGo! returned to Ke`elikolani Middle School to host a seminar on entrepreneurship and the basics of business for the students of the Young Women’s Club. WeGo! Founder, Kylee Hamamoto ‘24, with help from Co-Leaders, walked the middle schoolers through a three step process of starting a business: planning, producing, and pitching. As a group, they learned about the basics of a business plan, covering topics like mission statements, target audience, and profit. Each middle schooler wrote out a business plan with help from Co-Leaders.

After the presentation concluded, the girls split into groups to make their products. Each Co-Leader used their own talents to create and lead different stations where the middle schoolers could learn how to make handmade goods crafted from scratch. The stations were diverse and fun: Lily Truong ‘24, Anja Hosteler ‘24, and Sophia Giambelluca ‘24 made haku leis from bougainvillea and ferns. Sophia Hurd ‘24 made finger leis with yarn. Calista Yap ‘24 made sugar scrubs. Avery Mapes ‘24 made cards. Kat Viola ‘24 and Nanea Allen ‘24 teamed up to make beaded bracelets and polymer clay earrings. Since the middle schoolers each expressed interest in multiple stations, they were able to make and take home more than one craft.

The seminar concluded with another presentation about the final step of the process: a business pitch. The middle schoolers each drafted and recorded a pitch for each of their businesses with help from the Co-Leaders. Overall, the event was a success - both the Young Women’s Club members and the WeGo! Co-Leaders had lots of fun and learned a lot.

A big mahalo to Ke`elikolani Middle School for allowing us to use their facilities, and to the Punahou Jewelry Department for donating jewelry supplies for us to use in our stations.

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