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WeGo!'s Women Across Professions Conference Inspires Many

WeGo! leaders interview leading women in fields that include business, medicine, and engineering to help give students advice and mentorship.

By Avery Mapes '24 | May 10, 2022

The Women’s Across Professions Conference focused on women in various fields, such as Medicine, Business and Engineering. Members of WeGo! interviewed these women on topics covering high school and college education, experience in their professions life, advice for girls aspiring to join their profession in the future or just want a little insight into being a women professional. Reaching over 75 members and others in the community, these interviews inspired many girls to get out there!

WeGo! Co-Leaders Avery Mapes ‘24 (me!), Calista Yap ‘24, and Kat Viola ‘24 lead this conference the week of May 2nd- 6th with a new interview released every day. On Monday, an interview with Calista and Stepahnie Barter, a partner at a Private Equity Company, and later that week Calista spoke with Stanna Abellira, a human resource consultant. Kat dove deep into the medicinal world with a conversation with Teresa Vo, pediatric doctor, and another with Alyson Tamamoto, also a pediatric doctor. In the middle of the week, I had a great conversation with Jenifer Littenberg of Hawaiian Airlines and got some insight into the scope of engineering.

A WeGo! member, Sachi Kobayashi ‘24 says, “I really enjoyed the interviews with Teresa Vo and Alyson Tamamoto because I am interested in possibly going into medicine and they had some great advice!”.

For more information about the conference and for links to where you can watch it, visit

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