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WeGoing Places: Teaching Students about Networking with Melanie Feldman '07

On May 13, 2021, WeGo! hosted a workshop with Melanie Feldman '07 of Going Places, teaching students networking for future jobs, getting internal referrals, and preparing for the future job market.

Kylee Hamamoto '24 | May 18, 2021

On May 13, 2021, WeGo! hosted an online virtual workshop with Melanie Feldman '07, founder of Going Places. Her initiative can be found here and aims to teach young professionals networking skills and innovative tactics to land jobs in the future job market.

The event was open to high schoolers and the workshop would highlight some of the courses Feldman teaches with Going Places which include learning about getting internal referrals, networking, and setting your best foot forward when applying for jobs or applying for any position.

Over 50 participants were enrolled in the event and a survey was sent out to participants regarding their feelings toward the event. Here are what some of them had to say about the event and their answers to some of our questions:

What topics do you want to learn more on?

"Ways in which I can communicate and reach out to those within the specific community of Hawaii"

"I would really like to learn more about what questions to ask during a call, zoom meeting, or in person meeting with someone that is in a field that you are interested in, or can help you get a reference? These could be good questions to start and end with, what questions should I ask if I am really interested in what they do day to day, how they got to the position they are in etc." "I want to learn more on the timeline of the process of getting hired." "I want to learn more on getting internships in high school and college."

What aspect of networking and reaching out do you feel is most challenging?

"I feel that just putting yourself out there is challenging. It’s intimidating to know that you’re being perceived by someone who is likely very successful." "The aspect of making that first move is what I feel most challenged with. As someone that is relatively shy when it comes to talking to new people (especially if they are celebrities) it seems like it would be a challenge for me to make that first step towards a meeting." "Finding people to connect with, and writing a good email (doing the research, etc)."

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