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WeGo! Collects Beauty Products for Houseless Women and Girls

WeGo! collects beauty, hair, skin, shower, self care products in conjunction with Partners in Care Oahu to support women in girls for the community.

By Grace Brown '24 | February 11, 2022

One of WeGo!’s several drives that have aided many individuals, is the Beauty Drive. For this drive, WeGo! partnered with Partners in Care Oahu to collect beauty, hair, skin, shower, and self care products from January 10 to the 21st. Students were able to drop off items on campus, which were then sorted to be donated. Many people found that there were products in their home that just were not being used but were still great to use.

These items were gathered to donate to houseless women and girls in the community, and due to that, experience a lack of basic necessities. Many women who are without homes struggle to feel hygienic and confident in their own skin without having sufficient items, which has been an issue that hasn’t had much attention or coverage.

After boxes upon boxes of items were donated, collected, sorted, then sanitized, the products were brought to the downtown Partners in Care Oahu branch on February 5, 2021. (See pictures below)

The students from the WeGo! Co-Leader Program: Avery Mapes, Shea Maurer, Trisha Nitta, Charlotte Campbell, Kacie Mizo and Lily Truong helped create this event and brought so many together to become more confident with the donated items. Many women and girls were able to be helped with great donations and the community was brought together to create change.

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