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WeGo! Plans Successful Beach Cleanup to Promote Sustainability and Female Businesses

On July 24, 2021, WeGo! hosted a beach cleanup at Kalama Beach Park. With over 50 participants came out and over 300 pounds of trash was removed from the beach!

By Kylee Hamamoto '24 | July 26, 2021

Last Saturday (July 24, 2021), the student-led organization and academy club, WeGo! put together a beach cleanup at Kalama Beach Park in Kailua which resulted in over 50 participants (consisting of students from the academy and the junior school) and 300 pounds of trash removed from the cleanup site. WeGo! (stands for Women Empowerment in Global Opportunities) has a mission to foster strong and independent female leaders. In order to implement their mission into last weekend’s cleanup, the organization was able to highlight female student businesses by providing participants with coupons from those businesses. Featured businesses include: Hooked on You Hawaii, Kauwela Oahu, and Keira's Kreations. On each coupon, a short bio of the student and their work as well as their contact information. In addition, sugar cookies baked and decorated by Anika Yoshida '24 who runs her own bakery were also passed out to participants at the event. Microplastics and trash from the cleanup were donated to female-owned businesses who use microplastics and beach trash to create products such as jewelry, keychains, coasters, and more.

The girls set up their tent where they greet their volunteers with warm smiles and thank them for coming out and supporting them. Just by walking down the shore, one can see many groups of volunteers at work along the sand with sifters and trash bags in hand picking up microplastics, cans, bottles, and more that are littered along the coastlines of the beach. Sweat beads on foreheads as volunteers work their way down the beach and slowly fill their trash bag.

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