My Macrame Business, Woven Aloha

By Grace Fitzgerald '23

In this article, we interview Grace about her business, Woven Aloha!

Q:   So, introduce yourself!

A:   My name is Grace Fitzgerald and I am the founder of a macrame business called Woven Aloha! I am 15 years old and I live in Kaneohe with my sister, my mom, my dad, and my havanese dog. My favorite things to do are surf, hang out with friends, and listen to and play music.

Q:   What have you been doing over quarantine?

A:   Over quarantine, I have been surfing and going to the beach a lot, which is great. I love living in Hawaii so much and definitely want to come back when I am older. Another quarantine activity of mine is making and selling my macrame!

Q:  Wow, that sounds so cool! How did you learn to make macrame?

A:   I actually learned how to make macrame about a year ago, just out of interest. I learned about the different knots on Youtube. Eventually, I could look at a picture and make one without help. I realized that making macrame is very fun and relaxing! 

Q:  That's impressive! When did you get the idea to turn your hobby into a business?

A:   I didn't think to make a business out of it until I was bored at home when Corona started. This was when I made my instagram business “woven_aloha.”

Q:  Can give us an idea of what you sell at Woven Aloha?

A:   In my business I create all things macrame, from plant hangers to wall decor. If someone has a picture of a macrame piece that they would like me to make, I can copy and recreate it for them. I also sell pre-made pieces that are listed on my instagram page. Once in a while, I hold sales (most commonly, right after I make a piece).

Q:  That sounds so great, it seems like you have something really cool coming along! Any goals for Woven Aloha?

A:   My goal for this business is to sell in stores! It would be amazing if my macrame could be on display in local cafes and boutiques.

Q:  I think you'll be able to do that! Finally, tell us where people can find you!

A:   You can find me on instagram @woven_aloha. Feel free to direct message (dm) me at any time if you are interested or have any feedback for me!