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WeGo! Female Student Small Business Fair

We are calling all female small business owners!


If you have a business yourself, or know of a female student-owned small business, sign up for WeGo! Small Business Fair to be featured on our website as a Student Entrepreneur of the Month!

It's been hard for business owners during the pandemic...

WeGo! Hawaii acknowledges all the hard work that goes into being a student small business owner. Since small businesses are such an invaluable part of our local community, we jumped at the opportunity to support the female entrepreneurs around us. We understand the pandemic has posed unique challenges to small businesses and we’d love to help spread the word to boost your visibility (and hopefully sales!)

If these seems like something you're interested in, read below for more info!


Make a video!

Record a quick video (no less than 30 sec, no more than 5 minutes) talking about yourself, your business, your products, and answering a couple of questions! It will be posted on our YouTube, Instagram, website!


Video instructions


Turn it in! 

Here is the link to the Google Form to turn it in:

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