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We're all about doing good... but what's the first step?

With the current issues surrounding climate change, global warming, and more, it is important now as ever to be mindful of not only what we put in, but what we put out. In short, our carbon footprint we leave behind us. WeGo! is an avid believer of putting good into the community through community service projects, empowering and amplifying female voices, and much more; however, what's the use if we have no world to put good into? Therefore, WeGo! also believes that supporting our environment, and maintaining a sustainable community is just as important as the good we do in our community.

Read more about our steps towards promoting healthy and sustainable practices:

YWCA Clothing Drive

In conjunction with YWCA's Dress for Success Initiative, WeGo! collected over 250 lbs of clothing. We set up a donation box in which people could donate their unused clothing items. A group of volunteers sorted through and sanitized the donations and brought them to the YWCA Laniakea branch. Dress for Success is an initiative helping women prep for job interviews and land jobs.

To learn more about our YWCA Clothing Drive, click here.

Beach Cleanup at Kalama Beach Park

WeGo! hosted a successful beach cleanup at Kalama Beach Park with over 50 participants that helped remove over 300lbs of trash from the beach. Volunteers used sifters provided by Punahou Outdoor Education to collect microplastics which were donated to small businesses who use these microplastics in their products. The event helped promote sustainability and cleaner beaches as well as female student small businesses.

To learn more about our beach cleanup and other events like it, click here.

Sustainability Showcase at Festival of Ideas

In Punahou's three-day inaugural event, WeGo! had the privilege of holding three showcases for the event's three themes: Building Bold Futures, Innovation in Education, and Sustainability. WeGo!'s showcase for the Sustainability theme was titled, A Call to Action: Student Sustainable Businesses. The showcase highlighted three student small businesses, all with the same call to action: to live sustainably. The following three businesses were featured:

Keira's Kreations, Keira Henriques '24

Postable, Jessica Erwin '24 and Danielle Lee '24

Shop Sabina's, Sabina Funasaki '24

Project Gallery

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