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WeGo! Chapter at Momoyama High School in Osaka, Japan

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

High school students from Osaka make it their goal to share the mission of WeGo! with women and girls in Japan, learn more about the chapter!

By Kylee Hamamoto '24 | February 18, 2022

Juniors Karin Onishi, Reno Shimayoshi, Ayano Akimoto, Chiho Tsujimoto, and Rina Kimata start their own WeGo! Chapter at their school, Momoyama Gakuin High School in Osaka, Japan! The girls discovered the mission of WeGo! and thought that our mission of fostering strong, independent female leaders is something girls in Japan need as well. Their goal is to share the mission of WeGo! to Japanese women and girls, and allow them to break glass ceilings, use their voice, build confidence, and build a strong community of women in Japan!

In an interview with the leaders of WeGo! Osaka, they've observed that the Japanese culture restricts the voices and potential of women in Japan from reaching their goals and living out their dreams. The girls of WeGo! Osaka are excited to make revolutionary change, work against social and gender norms in Japan, and create opportunities for more confident and strong women!

An introductory video made by Karin, Reno, Ayano, Chiho, and Rina:

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