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WeGo! Tokyo Founder, Maya Sata Helps Female Farmers Make Smoothies to Tackle Food Insecurity

By Kylee Hamamoto '24 | July 12, 2022

Huge kudos to Mayu Sata of WeGo! Tokyo for the amazing work she’s doing to push our mission of WeGo! to the female audiences in Japan and her most recent accomplishments!

Founder of WeGo! Tokyo, Mayu is not only passionate about women empowerment, but also food wastage and the produce that doesn’t make it to grocery stores because they don’t meet standards or are considered “ugly.”

She was able to visit Makekoze in Chiba Prefecture to make smoothies from these “ugly” vegetables and fruits. Through the guidance of two female farmers, Ms. Yukari and Ms. Tomomi, Mayu was able to assist them in making strawberry watermelon smoothies!

Through this amazing opportunity, Mayu was able to address the problem of food insecurity starting locally and through smaller farms and was able to support the female force in Japan behind this movement of less food wastage. Great job, Mayu!

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