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WeGo! California Chapter For Community Connection and Empowerment

Updated: May 31, 2023

Newest WeGo! chapter based in Sacramento, California headed by Mackenzie O'Brien seeks to help support and empower local girls in their community.

By Kylee Hamamoto '24 | April 29, 2023

Mackenzie O'Brien, chapter leader of the newest WeGo! chapter in Sacramento, California, aims to create opportunities for high school girls to help support and empower the larger local community. Through a series of volunteer and other public service events and projects, the WeGo! California chapter hopes to inspire girls to become leaders for positive community impact.

Now, the girls are getting ready to host their first event since their official formation only a few days prior: a feminine hygiene product drive. From May 9-18, the group will be accepting donations of a plethora of new and packaged feminine hygiene and menstrual products for a local women and children's center in Sacramento. Donation sites are in multiple schools in the area.

On their most recent Instagram post, the girls also highlighted some of the most pressing issues, including domestic abuse and other means of household/dating violence, that women face as a result of a lack of feminine hygiene products and other similar resources. Through their drive and donations to local shelters, the girls hope to address these damaging statistics and help inspire others within the community to create change. Via social media, the girls wrote the following:

"Every year, more than 10 million women experience domestic abuse and many look to shelters for sanctuary. But it takes an average of 7 attempts for a survivor to leave their abuser. Part of helping prevent women from going back to their abusers includes providing women with essential supplies that allow them to feel comfortable. So to help these women, some of our local schools will be hosting a feminine hygiene product drive, and donating the supplies to some of our local shelters. So be sure to bring in your supplies so that together, we can help and support these women!"

Amazing job, girls! Keep it up!

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