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Quarantined Summer

Alana writes about what she's been up to during quarantine and how she's been keeping busy: learning new things, honing skills, and more!

By Alana Clayson '24 | September 12, 2020

During the summer I was able to discover new interests while also expanding my knowledge in things I already enjoy doing. Now that we all have more time to ourselves since we have gotten this opportunity to isolate from others for a while now, I found that I’ve gotten to get to know myself better. One thing I have found nice during the break is music. Whether it has been listening to new and fresh hits, or older ballads I hold dear to my heart which then I add to the numerous latest playlists I have crafted in my phone. Watching Hamilton on Disney + and singing along to all of the songs, or downloading the Just Dance Now app and moving along to the music alone in my room. I spend a lot of special moments with music, and I now see how it has really been one of my closest friends during these times and has helped me cope with many obstacles in my life.

One of my favorite things to do is play my ukulele. It’s quite easy to learn the endless chords and songs that you can strum with just a few clicks on the internet. I have not only been playing songs I already know, but I also started writing my own songs. Since things are changing so much these days, it really helps to just take some time and document your life through holding on to moments by writing and music.

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