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May 2022 Student Entrepreneur of the Month: Katerina Im

Updated: May 31, 2023

This month, we celebrate Katerina Im '23 whose steps toward a more sustainable and eco-friendly community has inspired us at WeGo!

May 31, 2022

In order to commemorate May being Small Business Month, we are celebrating female student entrepreneurs making leaps and bounds toward a positive community. A stellar example of a student who does just that with her work with Plastics 4 a Purpose is current highschool junior, Katerina Im.

Plastic 4 a Purpose aims to bring awareness to climate change/plastic pollution issues through jewelry. Their four main purposes are:

1. To benefit the ocean and the world (through beach clean-ups in the future)

2. To benefit its members by teaching climate and plastic issues and jewelry making

3. Spreading knowledge with others

4. To partner with larger organizations in our community

To learn more about Plastics 4 a Purpose, visit their instagram @plastic4apurpose or contact Katerina at

Congratulations Katerina and thank you for being an inspiration for others!

Want to be the next Student Entrepreneur of the Month? Visit

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