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June 2022 Student Entrepreneur of the Month: Stacy Lieu

Updated: May 31, 2023

This month, we celebrate Stacy Lieu '24 who is helping share joy and creativity through her amazing handmade jewelry pieces!

June 30, 2022

Every month, we are celebrating female student entrepreneurs making leaps and bounds toward a positive community. A stellar example of a student who does just that with her work with Jewelry by Stacy is rising highschool junior, Stacy Lieu.

Stacy handmakes beautiful jewelry pieces from necklaces to earrings with a variety of shells, beads, wire, pearls and more! (see pictures below) Her mission for her business is to spread and joy and creativity to others through her jewelry pieces!

To learn more about Stacy and her business, Jewelry by Stacy and perhaps purchase some of her pieces, check out her instagram @jewelrybystacy.

Congratulations, Stacy!

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