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WeGo! Member Working Towards Promoting Healthy Eating for Teens

WeGo! member, Kai Teranishi-Guay '23 is the creator of Healthy Teens Hawaii and is encouraging teens to pick up healthier eating habits through nutrition focused blog posts and easy recipes.

By Kylee Hamamoto | January 28, 2023

Senior Kai Teranishi-Guay is the founder of Healthy Teens Hawaii and through her project, is working towards promoting healthy eating for teens. She encourages teens to form healther eating habits through blog posts and easy, healthy recipes on her website. In addition, she is focused on nutrition for teenagers through easy, healthy recipes and offering simple cooking classes for members of Parents and Children Together (PACT)

Collaborating with Blue Zones Hawaii, Teranishi-Guay will be hosting hybrid cooking lessons throughout the month of October in order to provide teens with the opportunity to learn more directly about ways to implement healthy habits.

Kai Teranishi-Guay is a WeGo! member doing amazing things! Please support her work by visiting her website and considering on attending her workshops in October! Great job, Kai!

Healthy Teens Hawaii website:

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