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WeGo! Participates in 3-Day Event, Festival of Ideas

WeGo! participated in Punahou's Inaugural Festival of Ideas from June 7-9 and created three showcases for the event following this year's three overarching themes: Building Bold Futures, Innovation in Education, and Sustainability.

By Kylee Hamamoto '24 | June 11, 2021

Punahou's annual Festival of Ideas is a three-day online event featuring keynote speakers, demonstrations, hands-on workshops, alumni panels, and a faculty and student showcase. The three-day event featured three different themes for each day. The themes were:

June 7: Building Bold Futures

June 8: Innovation in Education

June 9: Sustainability

WeGo! had the privilege of being selected to create not one, not two, but three showcases for all three days! Showcases ranged from live podcast recordings, to student panels, and featuring student businesses. WeGo!'s showcases are as follows:

June 7: Where do WeGo?: Live Podcast Q&A Recording with Leading Female Leaders

Description: You are Going Places! Join us for a live recording of the WeGo!

(Women Empowerment in Global Opportunities) podcast series,

Where do WeGo? with founder of Going Places’ Melanie Feldman.

Going Places is offering courses to students and young professionals on how

to network, get internal referrals, make your job and college application

stand out, ultimately putting your best foot forward to land your dream job.

Learn about all of this and more, from the comfort of your own home.

Let's learn together where we can go from here in order to grow and succeed.

June 8: Perfect Fit: Q&A Session with Students Attending Their Dream Colleges

Description: Learn what you need to do to receive the legendary bulk envelope

with the seal of your dream college from students who’ve done it first-hand:

Olivia Wedemeyer ’21 (Yale), Kemi Chung ’21 (MIT), Brooke Gushiken ’21

(UCLA), Kayla Shimoda (Columbia)

June 9: A Call to Action: Student Sustainable Businesses

Description: The United Nations Development Goals are calling all of us to

action. Come hear about how we are fulfilling that call with our sustainable

businesses. We will also inspire you to think abou how to implement

sustainability into your daily routines. The effort is part of WeGo! (Women

Empowerment in Global Opportunities), organization founded and led by

Kylee Hamamoto ‘24 with the mission of fostering strong and independent

female leaders.

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