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WeGo! California Hosts Successful Feminine Hygiene Drive for Local Shelter

Updated: Jun 7, 2023

Members of the WeGo! California host a successful feminine hygiene product drive in support of their local women and children's shelters and centers.

By Kylee Hamamoto | May 31, 2023

Chapter leaders of the WeGo! California chapter hosted a drive at two schools located in the Roseville, California region. The chapter set up a 2-week long donation period between May 8-19 in which students and locals in the area could donate new feminine hygiene products in support of local women and children's shelter in the Roseville area.

The girls successfully collected a variety of feminine products include: pads, tampons, and liners which will be especially helpful in providing women and children with these necessary items that many have trouble affording. In preparation for the drive, the girls posted via social media some of the serious statistics that illustrate the prevalent issue of "period poverty" and a lack of adequate feminine hygiene resources for women, particularly in abusive households.

They shared in their Instagram post, the following:

"Every year more than 10 million women experience domestic abuse and many look to shelters for sanctuary. But it takes an average of 7 attempts for a survivor to leave their abuser. Part of helping prevent women from going back to their abusers includes providing women with essential supplies that allow them to feel comfortable. So to help these women some of our local schools will be hosting a feminine hygiene product drive, and donating the supplies to some of our local shelters. So be sure to bring in your supplies so that together, we can help these women!"

In order to address these statistics and to support their local women, the girls of WeGo! California hosted a VERY successful drive with boxes upon boxes of donations. The chapter is currently based in John Adams Academy and Roseville High School where the two extensions have held their drive.

We are so proud; great job, girls!

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