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My Art Piece, Captured

Ava writes about one of her art pieces that she has titled, "Captured." She also shares what initiated her interest in art and how she feels when working on pieces.

Ava Pakravan '24 | September 4, 2020

When I was four years old, I started taking my first art classes in California and instantly fell in love with its tranquility. I always know that I have control over which way the bristles of my paintbrush sway, the highlight my charcoal creates, and ultimately, the direction in which my work travels. Listening to the gentle strokes of the brush on the delicate paper and the mixing of the paint on my palette revitalizes me, and at that moment, I am in a utopia. One of my favorite pieces is titled Captured, and I completed it during the year of 2019. This composition was of two different works of art, and the idea that I can take two of my own pieces and combine them into one to express myself is what truly has me enjoying what I do.

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