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2nd Annual Beach Cleanup at Waimanalo Beach Park is a Success

WeGo! organizes their second annual beach cleanup with over 80 participants and removal of over 200 lbs of trash!

By Sonya Duval-Arnould '24 | August 23, 2022

Here at WeGo! we aim to empower women through their fields of interest, but the community we seek to uplift must also be cared for. Caring for our community has become a practice in our club, and cleanups (whether it be for schools or beaches) are how we cultivate a clean and encouraging environment. Without a healthy island, we can’t support anyone.

Our 2nd annual WeGo! beach cleanup took place on August 14th, from 9am-11am, at Waimanalo Beach Park. We’re happy to announce that once again our attendance and performance have demonstrated our commitment to volunteer work. More than 80 participants came together to remove over 200 lbs of trash! WeGo!’s first beach cleanup, which took place last year at Kalama Beach Park cleanup, involved an excess of 50 participants and collected 300 lbs of trash. Beach cleanups are one of the ways WeGo! is able to bring people together and provide for our community.We look forward to keeping up with this practice for future years!

WeGo! has recently collaborated with Plastic 4 a Purpose, another Punahou club, to simultaneously increase volunteer activity and support local volunteer programs! Plastic 4 a Purpose plans educational lessons for children in our community and repurpose plastics as jewelry. The DIY microplastic sifter booth was led by the club’s founder, Katerina Im ‘23 and Sophia Espinoza ‘23. Their help was instrumental in collecting and cleaning plastic to be reused. We hope to not only collect trash, but also to put the plastics to use. Two of the best ways to combat pollution is through awareness and repurposing items.

Special thank you to the hand-made sand dollar cookies by Anika Yoshida ‘23, and the smoothies made by WeGo! Tokyo founder, Mayu Sata! We appreciate the support!

The cleanups are an opportunity for us to take care of our island, but they’re also a way for students to reconnect with friends. I know that getting out of the house, chatting with friends, and giving back to my community help to energize and refocus my mind towards the upcoming year!

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