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The waves are big, WeGo!

The largest and only youth-led initiative offering leadership development for young wāhine in Hawai`i.

501(c)(3) founded by Kylee Hamamoto



WeGo! Leadership Program

How It Works: Our 4-Step Leadership Process

"It's easy as 1-2-3-4"


Discover Your Passion

We all have something that we would be willing to devote hours and hours into. Finding that passion is the start of your journey into becoming a strong and independent leader with WeGo!


Find Your Voice

It can be hard to get started when you feel like your voice doesn't matter or that it won't make a difference. Our team here at WeGo! is here to convince you otherwise. 


Start Your Cause

Now, you're ready to take on the big waves. With your passion and confidence, you can create something that reflects you and the change you wish to see. 


Share Your Voice

We want to build a network and platform for you to share your passion and creations with others and help inspire the next cohort of girls. Let's ride the waves together.

WeGo! Near You

WeGo good with numbers.


Kylee Hamamoto '24

Kylee Hamamoto is a first year at Yale University from Honolulu, Hawaii and is the proud founder of WeGo!

As an 8th grader passionate about women empowerment and gender equality from the many positive role models in her life, Kylee brainstormed and launched WeGo! right at the start of the pandemic.


Born and raised on the island of O`ahu, Kylee is proud of her upbringing and strives to promote local values of aloha, kuleana, kokua, using them to promote gender equality, and bringing Hawaii everywhere WeGo!

She has devoted her time and work with WeGo! towards helping build a community of strong, confident, empowered, and independent female leaders to break glass ceilings and combat gender inequality with a humble heart. 

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Hear from the girls of WeGo! themselves...

"I joined WeGo! to make a positive difference in my community and to meet people who are also interested in women empowerment."

Calista Yap '24


Join Today!

Join our community of over 500+ girls worldwide!



Let’s Work Together

Honolulu, Hawaii

EIN: 88-1631155

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