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Our stage is set, WeGo!

Strong, independent female leaders

501(c)(3) Non-Profit founded by Kylee Hamamoto '24


Our Story

Every time I needed an escape from reality or to get my mind off something, my dad would take me cruising in our car. On these drives, there wasn’t much talking, but an awkward silence never lingered in the car and my frustrations and sadness would ease.

          “We go,” he would say.

These simple words offered me his support and love, gave me confidence and assured me that everything would be alright.

I want girls everywhere to experience the same support and love when they hear the words, “we go.” 

We exist to create opportunities for girls everywhere to use our network to tell each other stories, empower one another and work together. We believe by bonding together and working through our common struggles, we can build each other up and break through glass ceilings,


Kylee Hamamoto


Surfers on the Beach

WeGo! Around the World


Our mission

WeGo!'s mission is to foster strong and independent female leaders.


We believe that every girl has undeniable potential to become a strong leader for positive change, and not in some cliche and ubiquitous way. Therefore, we want to give girls everywhere access to an innovative and supportive space like the one we've create with WeGo! 

WeGo! embodies and promotes local values of kuleana (responsibility), laulima (many hands at work), and mālama (stewardship) in the work we do statewide, nationally, and globally!

Creating Leaders at each step of the way

No girl is alike. In terms of becoming a leader, we all start at different points of the process. Our 4-step process allows us cater to every girl. Everyone is capable of becoming a leader for positive change. Let's change the tide, together. 

If you're ready to start your journey with us, click any of the buttons below to where you think you are in the process.


Knowing Your Passion

We all have something that we would be willing to devote hours and hours into. Finding that passion is the start of your journey into becoming a strong leader with WeGo!


Finding Your Voice

It's hard to get started when you feel like your voice doesn't matter or that your voice won't make a difference. We're here to convince you otherwise. 


Starting Your Cause

Now, you're ready to take on the world. With your passion and confidence, you can create something that reflects you can help you achieve the change you wish to see. 


Sharing Your Voice

Now, let's take on the world together. We want to build a network and platform for you to share your passion and creations with others. The stage is set, WeGo!

Meet our Founder:
Kylee Hamamoto

As an 8th grader passionate about women empowerment and gender equality from the many positive role models in her life, Kylee started WeGo! right at the start of the pandemic.

Born and raised on the island of O`ahu, Kylee is proud of her upbringing and strives to promote local values of aloha, kuleana, kokua, and using them to combat gender equality.

She has devoted her time and work with WeGo! towards helping build a community of strong, confident, empowered, and independent female leaders to break glass ceilings and gender inequality
with a humble heart. 

To learn more about Kylee and her story behind the creation of WeGo!, or to get in contact with her, click the button below:


What we do

Our Projects

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How it works


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One step further... Join our team!

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Where do WeGo?

Our podcast series where we, as high schoolers, sit down with female professionals in different fields to simply talk story and share with us their experiences, advice, and overall helping us foster female leaders for the future.




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